Bering: Balance and Resistance


Balance and Resistance”

Director: Lourdes Grobet
Screenplay: Lourdes Grobet, Montserrat Larque
Producers: Ramiro Ruiz Ruiz Funes
Production companies: Catatonia Cine, Lourdes Grobet, IMCINE-Conaculta, Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma-Ambulante Grant, Santa María de la Paz Mines
Cinematography: Xavier Pérez Grobet
Music: Erick Bongcam
Editing: Andrés Eichelmann
Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 84 min.
Year: 2013
Country: Mexico
Language: English

The documentary closely follows a group of characters who live at the Bering Strait and delves deep into the fundamental aspects of their everyday lives, their sense of survival, and the contrast between their traditions and the modern world. Through an array of breathtaking images, Bering is exceptional in its portrayal of a community that struggles to preserve its culture in that mythical corner of the world.

•Morelia International Film Festival 2014
•Ariel Awards 2014: Nominated to Best Feature Documentary